‘A Masterful Triumph’: Guys and Dolls at The Bridge Theatre


Notably, Cedric Neal’s- Nicely Nicely Johnson- rendition of ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’ left the audience in the palm of his hand as it rolled into the 3rd well deserved encore. The simplistic set design made all transitions seamless and the stagehands- dressed as period policemen- worked tirelessly sheaparding the audience this way and that to not detract from the scene changes into a new stage configuration. Of course, some elbows did inevitably come out, but it was mainly minimal and resolved hastily.


With strong performances from all leads and a powerful ensemble, Hynters wager has most certainly paid off.  This rendition will live in the history books as all generations flock to see the spectacle, beloved by all, re-imagined in the most engaging and effective way. A must-see show!

Richmond and Twickenham Times | Theatre