The Light Network Celebrates the Release of “Metaphoria,” a new Book of Poetry by Melinda Longtin

Emotionally charged and fueled by the experience of being a survivor of domestic violence, Melinda Longtin’s unique style as a poet and author are delivered powerfully in her debut “Metaphoria”. The Light Network is happy to make this work available worldwide.

Having been introduced to poetry in school was a creative turning point for Melinda Longtin, who was able to find a way to express herself that was liberating, compelling, and unique. Being a survivor of domestic violence, Her art as a writer acted as a way to clear and help heal emotional damage and trauma, as well as be a beacon of hope for others facing the same kind of demons. In exciting news, The Light Network, a publishing house focused on releasing positive life-changing works, recently announced the release of Longtin’s first book, a compilation of her stunning poetry, “Metaphoria”. Straight from the heart and honest in all of the best ways, the poetry is sure to touch both those struggling against life’s darker challenges and those who broadly appreciate innovative poetry.

“My first poetry publications were in the high school’s literary magazine. I achieved more individual poem publications shortly after I graduated college. I also escaped a domestic violence situation around that same time. I did not originally write Metaphoria with any intentions of having the contents become a collection. Each poem was a part of my artistic expression and mental recovery as a survivor. All of the works in the book cover my first eight months of the healing process.”

Longtin’s weaves in and out of reality with her work delivering imagery of the process of healing as beautiful and constructive, while showing empathy to the perspective of readers, whoever they may be. This approach alone is a step away from how most poets have addressed these experiences and while no approach is “right” or “wrong” the difference is something that is sure to be found invigorating and inspirational from many who pick up “Metaphoria” in a time of need.





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