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The Crucible at the National Theatre Review – Amy van Rensburg

The much anticipated production from the National Theatre opened earlier this year in September. Many people were eager to buy tickets to what they assumed would be a masterful performance of Arthur Miller’s tragic play due to the ingenious Lyndsey Turner being set to direct the performance. However, while some fans enjoyed Turner’s take on the Crucible, many were left disappointed after seeing the unusual character interpretations and questionable, constantly changing accents which some actors had for their characters. One of the most notable differences was Brendan Cowell’s of John Proctor, while it wasn’t entirely awful, it did cause certain moments during the production to lack the much needed drama and effect, for example Brendan’s delivery of the famous line ‘because it is my name’ wasn’t a loud cry of agony, emphasizing Proctor’s demise and loss, but instead was delivered as a mere whisper with Brendan’s voice breaking. This caused the audience to be mostly unmoved and for the most renowned line in the entire play to be wasted. Richmond and Twickenham Times | Theatre …

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